The Ways I May Help…

As a Psychotherapist… 

I am seasoned in the depth and breadth of my experience and training, yet I am also often humbled by my clients. I feel deeply honoured to be able to walk with people in their moments of greatest crisis, pain and uncertainty.

The kinds of personal issues I’ve seen and helped others with include:

  • The deep dark hole of DEPRESSION and even considering death.
  • The tired and wired rollercoaster of panic and ANXIETY.
  • The sense of overwhelm and being empty (BURNED OUT).
  • Losing one’s self to ANGER, RAGE or RESENTMENT and the shame that brings.
  • Feeling deeply TORN, CONFUSED and maybe LOST facing big decisions!

HC - JERRY and I.jpg

Rather than tackling these issues in isolation, I approach every situation by clarifying the context, and responding in a RELATIONAL way. Meaning, the problem is not the problem. And a better response involves changing how we relate to the issue you have been struggling with. 

This paradox of deep acceptance along with you deciding on practically grounded steps to make small changes seems to be a potent force which enables a lot of past clients to not only address their issues but to create more satisfying and meaningful lives. Results vary according to each person, of course.

To note, those who seek me out for psychotherapy seem to be varied (culture, age, gender, etc) but it seems that my mixture of curiousity and candour, resilience and compassion, creativity and hands-on practicality attract and serve those folks who are ready to be seen deeply, held accountable to their word, and to ultimately make changes happen sooner than later.

You can find out more about my Psychotherapy practice here:



As a Writer… 

I write to bring ideas and emotions together. I write with my heart on the page pulsing and my mind grappling with questions and challenges that wake me at 3am. Some of which you may relate to like:

You can see my full list of published articles here.


As a Sensei to parents… 

From 2009 – 2019, I created an innovative and very in-demand therapeutic program for kids and parents in Toronto, Canada. I grew it to reach many families across Ontario and to train some incredible Senseis.

In 2019, I started a new chapter, evolving this work to better reach and serve more families. It is a movement ~ called The Martial Art of Parenting (MAP) ~ which was designed to empower parents first, for us to be the ones who are the change we wish to see in our families. Unlike the private psychotherapy, MAP is about moving beyond mental health and about creating an ongoing and global community of skills practice and mentorship. This is a continuation of my life’s work.

You can find free resources (like a parenting compass and a free lesson) info about our family classes, and a new podcast starting in the fall of 2019 all here:


As a Mentor to Men… 

Another vital thread of purpose in my life is reaching out to men who want to have more fulfilling relationships and who are committed to being the leaders who create them.

The burning fire in my belly and compelling pulse in my heart comes from the words of Martin Luther King Jr. who once said…

MLK quote

What the world and men especially ~ in my humble opinion ~ need most is to reconcile these two innate forces. To relatize our personal dreams and potential along with becoming more compassionate, considerate and committed to tending our bonds.

My practical response is to create a vibrant adventure based community for men where we all grow our relationship muscles and learn the art of relationship Aikido together. All to be able to show up as a more powerful and loving partner, father and friend.

You can find out more about how that is evolving here:


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